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June 5, 2023
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Relite is now KALLIS

It's official, Relite rebrands into KALLIS

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George Groshkov

We are excited to unveil the highly anticipated re-branding! As of today, Relite is officially KALLIS! The name KALLIS holds great significance for us as it represents the essence of our work and community. Derived from the Estonian word for "precious," KALLIS embodies our belief in creating a truly exceptional brand and tools that add value.

Magnified Vision. New Product

The Relite vision stayed as the genesis of our products. KALLIS, a new brand with its own life, is taking the ideas one step further - unifying vision, tech, and team resources.

When combining the resources of KALLIS and Relite’s vision we are strategically positioning the brand in the market. 

KALLIS is uniquely positioned as a solution to breathe life into the dormant NFT market.  We’re aiming to build utility to idle NFT collections - a Zeitgeist problem that urgently needs to be addressed in our space. Moreover, KALLIS opens the door with new community engagement tools through dynamic NFTs and AI. 

Under the KALLIS umbrella, we’re building an exceptional Web3 infrastructure that unlocks the true potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): 

  • NFT Utility Builder
  • Creators and Brand Matchmaking (AI Tool)
  • NFT Shopping Cart Checkout

Alongside our re-brand, we are launching our much-awaited Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Currently, you can try it in DEMO mode

Why Now?

As we worked on product development with our new team - we saw an opportunity to bring life to the brand. Moreover, to address the new market reality and position the brand ahead of the curve.

The re-brand is to show a modern and much more exciting look towards our target group - NFT Creators and Brands. This gives new consumers such as the GenZs a much more accommodating feel. 

We picked a graphical and color palette that speaks the language of the youth. 

Ultimately, the brand embodies a goal - to revolutionize Web3 landscape, and empower creators, users, and brands alike.

What's Next for KALLIS?

In addition to our transformative vision, we are proud to announce partnerships with several renowned brands. These collaborations enable us to deliver immersive commerce experiences that surpass expectations. 

We have achieved remarkable milestones and tangible results, and we look forward to sharing more details and success stories in the near future.

The Product.

We are working on the second version on the Utility Builder. Here’s a preview:

Selecting Utility


Relite Token and KALLIS Token 

With the re-branding comes the introduction of a new token. As a token holder of Relite, you will automatically receive an allocation of the new KALLIS token. We will conduct a swap, and a snapshot has been taken on June 4 - 2023. 

Meanwhile, the Relite token will still exist until we finish the transition. 

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the swap event, tokenomics, and the utility of KALLIS token. 

Are you a creator or a brand?

Are you looking to give new utility to your NFT collection? Or maybe you are a brand looking to explore collaborations with NFT Artists and Collections?

Do reach out via this form:

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We are incredibly excited about the journey ahead as KALLIS. Join us as we embark on this thrilling new chapter and together, let's redefine the future of digital and web3 experiences.






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