Minting and distributing NFTs made easy.

Empowering Businesses with NFTs.

Relite is now KALLIS! 

Embark on an exciting new chapter as our products undergo a strategic rebrand and technological merger. Discover more about this transformative initiative and its strategic implications for our ecosystem.

Welcome to
our NFT Making Machine.

Design and craft.


Seamless onboarding and NFT Creation with zero coding involved.

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Manage collections and adjust them for promotions and campaigns.

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Sell collections via a mobile app with seamless on/off-ramp support.

Use Cases.

Unleash the power of Programmable NFTs for improved customer engagement.

Artist and his painting.


Fundraise and engage.

Enhance your story-telling and explore additional revenue streams with special NFT collections.


Ecommerce image.

Integrate NFTs into your checkouts.

Gamified promotions and promo codes directly integrated into your eshop.

Brick & Mortar - Offline Businesses.

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Create loyalty with novel experiences.

Flexible programs and discounts for loyal customers in your venues.

Design & Craft.


Add a digital layer on your physical products.

NFT Digital representation of real products for longer client retention cycles.

Mobile screen
Mobile screen
Mobile screen

Your customers will Love it.

Seamless login, no need for prior web3 knowledge.

One place for buying, selling and collecting NFTs.

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Engaging social interactions empowered by a seamless wallet experience!

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A marketplace to discover brands, stories, discounts, physical and digital products.

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The RELI Token.

The RELI Token and its infrastructure create the engine for the Relite Ecosystem.

Reli Token
Relii Icon

Reli Token


NFT Minting

Minting fees will be collected in ETH & RELI.



Unlocking pro features and additional functionalities in sending NFTs while staking RELI.



Acquire NFTs with RELI token and utilize On/off-ramp with FIAT


Voting Mechanism

Decide on new product features and functionalities while actively participating in the community forums.

Built to be Cross and Multichain.

Yield farming is live on Relite.

Connect your wallet to stake LP tokens from Uniswap & Pancakeswap.

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Current APY
RELI Rewards Distributed

Relite and NFT FAQ.

1. What’s an NFT?


NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’. These are digital assets stored on a blockchain. They’re typically associated with some form of media including, but not limited to, images, audio files, videos. Each NFT is a verifiably unique digital asset. Owning an NFT can represent ownership of that particular digital asset on-chain.

2. How can I integrate NFTs into my campaigns?


With Relite, the possibilities to leverage NFTs into campaigns for your business are endless. Example: You can add a special NFT collection to your new product release. Owners of the NFTs can then receive a special code/discount to purchase your product

3. How do I create an NFT?


You will create an NFT directly from the Relite web application. We’re on track to build an industry-leading, simple, UI which delivers the best user experience possible. You don’t need to be a Web3 guru to mint an NFT smart contract with Relite.

4. Where do I store it?


NFTs are stored on a seamless wallet accessed via email and password. We are using an MPC (Multi-party Computation) wallet system enabling us to distribute the ownership of the private data thus making it a non-custodial solution.

5. Relite Consumer APP?


A non-custodial solution and seamless wallet for the B2C customers to buy/hold their NFTs. With the APP customers can use the NFTs for interacting with the businesses (checkouts, promotions, etc.)





Concept Creation

Business Model Development

Sys Architecture

Prototype and Product Design (MVP UX/UI)

Technical Roadmap

RELI CEX Listing




MVP: NFT collection creation/minting tool

Seamless Wallet Creation

Payment Gateway: FIAT On/off-Ramp

Staking RELI (Additional Token Utility)

Ecommerce Module + Plugins

100 Business Customers on the platform



Platform v1

Expanding Admin Module

RELI On-Ramp

Relite Consumer App

Tax Report Statements



Distribution Modules

New Distribution Module

Community Management System

Intranet Integrations

NFT Collection Marketplace for Consumers



Platform v2

Advanced minting / Additional Utilities

500 Business Customers on the platform

50K Relite APP users

1M NFTs minted

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